EB30, Inc. received financial support in the form of various golf tournament sponsorships, donation of high quality auction items, purchase of auction items, and cash donations.  This support was provided by a combination of numerous individuals and all types of local businesses including corporations, merchants, salons/spas, golf courses, restaurants, hotels/resorts, and local attractions.

EB30, Inc. is very proud of what we all achieved together…..but we are particularly proud of HOW we achieved it.  Over the years, we received a few “larger” donations but, for the most part, the bedrock of our fund raising came in the form of “modest” donations from many, many, many friends, neighbors, and local businesses.  What we found was that a little help from a lot of places really can add up to something significant! 

Fund raising is all about networking.  EB30, Inc. spread a wide net across family, friends, local schools, and the business networks of our supporters and committee members.   Without a doubt, the core of this network, and the energy that drove our success, came from friends in our neighborhood – Wortham Villages.   EB30, Inc. extends a special thanks to all of our Wortham neighbors for their commitment to helping us turn this into a fun community event.

Access the links provided to view the large number of individuals and local businesses that were instrumental in the success of our fund raising efforts!

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